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Tour Cancellation, Changes and Refund Policy


  • We collect half payment of the total of the reservation to reserve your date and FULL PAYMENTS on SAME DAY RESERVATIONS. This payment is NONREFUNDABLE.

  • We have a 24 hour change policy. If you need to change your reservation date or time, you may do so one time, outside the 24 hours prior to your originally scheduled ride. Change can be made if the date and time is available, otherwise we will provide the available dates and time to reschedule to make the change. We start tours on time.

  • Meeting times are from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The most time a lead guide can wait at our meeting location is 15 minutes ON PRIVATE RESERVATION ONLY.

  • WE DO NOT REFUND PAYMENTS if you are late, miss your ferry and miss your tour or no availability for a new schedule.

  • All client's same services and policies, we don't make exceptions. 

  • If during your ride you decide not to ride to fear, we will encourage you to try again. However it is ultimately your decision: we do not force anyone to ride.

  • If you decide not to continue with the tour, we will not refund your payment, is a space you reserved.

  • Colón horse riding reserves the right to cancel your adventure due to weather or other unforeseeable conditions. We will try to re-schedule your adventure for another available time. If this is not possible, or you cannot join us at another time, we will refund your payment.

  • Every participant must read and sign a Release of Liability/ Waiver of Claims/ Assumption of Risk/Indemnity Agreement. Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed release by a parent or guardian.

  • Maximum weight for participants is 200 pounds.

  • The minimum age to ride by themselves is 6 years old (La Chata beach trail) 10 years old (Bastimento beach trail).

  • Pregnant women, we cannot allow people with serious health; physical or mental conditions to joins our ride. This is a safety issue.

  • To provide good service we prepare in advance for our tours; for that reason we appreciate your commitment when you reserve your spaces.

  • No show up, or last minute cancellation for ANY reason will not be considered for any refund.

  • Colón Horse Riding reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for medical, safety, or any other reasons.

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